Kama Ginkas

Graduated from Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Film (Georgy Tovstonogov’s class). Made his debut in Riga with the production of Viktor Rozov’s “The Traditional Assembly”. In 1970-1972 Ginkas was Artistic Director of the Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre where he staged Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and “451 Degrees Fahrenheit” after Ray Bradbury. His stagings in Leningrad included Edward Radzinsky’s “A Monologue about Marriage”; “Earthly Kingdom” after Tennessee Williams; “Pushkin and Nathalie”. He began to work in Moscow in 1981 having directed N. Pavlova’s “Dilly” and Alexander Galin’s “The Toast-Master” at Moscow Art Theatre; Sergei Kokovkin’s “The Five Corners” and Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler” at Mossovet Theatre; Alexander Volodin’s “The Blonde” at Mayakovsky Theatre. As of 1988 Ginkas has been resident director with the Moscow TYuZ. His stagings there include: “Notes from the Underground”, “Playing ‘The Crime’ ”, “K.I. from ‘The Crime’ “, and “A Silly Little Poem” (all based on Dostoyevsky); D. Gink’s
“The Execution of the Decemberists”, “Pushkin. Duel. Death”, “The Happy Prince” after Oscar Wilde; “The Black Monk”, “A Lady with a Dog” and “Rothschild’s Fiddle” (all based on Chekhov); Bernard-Marie Koltès’s “Roberto Zucco”; “The Madman’s Diary” after Nikolai Gogol; “Medea” after Seneca, Jean Anouilh and Joseph Brodsky; “Shakespearean Fools” after William Shakespeare; Adam Rapp’s “Nocturne”. In 2001 Ginkas directed Alexander Bakhshi’s musical mystery play “The World Polyphony”. His productions outside Russia include Kobekin’s “N.F.B.” in Germany; “A Lady with a Dog” in Turkey. In Finland he staged in various years “Ward No. 6”, “Life is Beautiful” (based on Anton Chekhov), Chekhov’s “The Seagull”, “The Idiot” and “Crime and Punishment” (based on Dostoyevsky) and Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. Ginkas also staged “A Lady with the Dog” at the Guthrie Theatre in the US. He started teaching directing in 1985.

Kama Ginkas bears the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”.

Winner of the Russian Federation State Prize and the Golden Mask National Theatre Award


Драма / работа режиссера – «К.И. из «Преступления», Театр юного зрителя, Москва — «»,


Драма / работа режиссера – «Казнь декабристов», Театр юного зрителя, Москва — «»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «None», Лауреат


Драма / работа режиссера — «ROTHSCILLD.S FIDDLE», TYuZ, Moscow


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «MEDEA», TYuZ, Moscow


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?», TYuZ, Moscow