Mindaugas Karbauskis

Mindaugas Karbauskis was born on January 28, 1972 in the village of Naysyay Siauliai region of Lithuania.

He graduated from the theatre department of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.

In 2001 he graduated from the Department of directing of the GITIS where he was a student of Pyotr Fomenko. During his studies he staged ‘The Mermaid’ by Pushkin and Ibsen’s ‘Hedda Gabler’.

Karbauskis was invited to work at the Oleg Tabakov Theatre where he staged:
‘The Long Christmas Dinner’ by T. Wilder (2001)
‘Histrionics' by T. Bernhard (2002)
‘Synchron’ by T.Huerlimann (2003)
‘As I Lay Dying’ by W. Faulkner (2004)
‘Uncle Vanya’ by Anton Chekhov (2004)
‘The Seven Who Were Hanged’ by Andreev (2005)
‘The Adventures composed from Nikolai Gogol’s poem Dead Souls‘(2006)
‘The story of Gleeful Moskva’ by A. Platonov (2007)

At the Moscow Art Theatre Karbauskis staged ‘The Old- World Landowners’ by Gogol (2001) and ‘Copenhagen’ by M. Frayn (2003), at the Fomenko Theatre he put on stage ‘Hedda Gabler’ by Ibsen (2005).

At the Moscow RAMT his stagings were ‘A Stalemate Lasts But a Moment’ by I. Meras (2010) and ‘Buddenbrooks’ by Thomas Mann (2011).

On May 20, 2011 Karbauskis was appointed artistic director of the Mayakovsky Theatre where he has staged ‘Talents and Admirers’ by A. Ostrovsky, ‘Mr. Puntila and his Man Matti’ by Brecht and ‘August: Osage County’ (with Girts Ecis). His most recent work at the Mayakovsky Theatre is “Kant”.

In 2001 Mindaugas won prize of the Youth Award ‘Triumph’, in 2004 - Stanislavsky Prize (in the category ‘Director’), in 2005 - the Golden Mask National Theatre Award (in the category ‘Best Drama Director’ and “The best small-scale drama production’ for “As I Lay Dying”). Twice he was the winner of the ‘Crystal Turandot’ (‘As I Lay Dying’, 2004, ‘The Seven Who Were Hanged’, 2006). The play ‘The Seven Who Were Hanged’ received a Golden Diploma of the Moscow Theatre Festival (nominated for ‘Best Performance’, 2006) and the Golden Mask National Theatre Award (the ‘Prize of theatre critics’, 2007). In 2008, he was the winner of the Golden Mask National Theatre Award in the category ‘The Best Director in Drama for “The Story of Gleeful Moskva”. His performance ‘Buddenbrooks’ received the Stanislavsky Award in the category ‘The Event of the Season’ (2011).
Laureate of the RF Theatre Union prize ‘The Hit of the Season’ for “The Seven Who Were Hanged” (2006) and “A Stalemate Lasts But a moment”(2010). In 2012 he received the “Star of theatre-goer” prize as ‘Best Director’ for the play ‘Talents and Admirers’.


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,
Драма / работа режиссера — «None», Лауреат


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,
Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «None», Лауреат


Драма / работа режиссера — «A STALEMATE LASTS BUT A MOMENT», RAMT, Moscow


Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,


Драма / работа режиссера — «TALENTS AND ADMIRERS», Mayakovsky Theatre, Moscow


Драма / работа режиссера — «Russian romance», Mayakovsky Theatre, Moscow


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Драма / работа режиссера — «None»,