<br>Arseny Epelbaum

Enrolled in K. Raikin’s course at the Moscow Art Theatre School in 2001, aged 14 years. He started working at the Satirikon theatre in 2002. In 2003 he enrolled on V. Garkalin’s workshop at Russian Academy of Theater Art (RATI). At present he is a fifth-year student, specializing in directing. He joined Dmitry Krymov’s laboratory at the School of Dramatic Art in 2005. Since 2001 he has worked with shadow theatre, and has staged and performed over twenty numbers for shadow performance. Epelbaum is artistic director of the Laboratory of Shadow Theatre “ZELIFIZIS”. He took part in the performances Misanthrope (director A. Vasiliev) at the Theatre “Ten”, Independence (director P. Schuman, USA), Donky Khot (director D. Krymov), The Demon. A View from Above (director D. Krymov), Me Not I (director F. Grigorian), Polyphemus (director I. Epelbaum). He performed in Lysistrate, which he staged at the Apollo temple in the archeological ruins of the Greek town of Olvia.


Куклы / работа режиссера – «Гастроли Лиликанского Большого Королевского театра в России», театр «Тень», Москва — «», Лауреат


Куклы / работа режиссера – «П.И. Чайковский. Лебединое озеро. Опера», театр «Тень», Москва — «», Лауреат
Куклы / работа художника – «П.И. Чайковский. Лебединое озеро. Опера», театр «Тень», Москва — «»,


Драма / работа художника — «None»,


Куклы / работа художника — «None»,
Куклы / работа режиссера — «None», Лауреат


Куклы / работа режиссера — «None»,
Куклы / работа художника — «None»,