Театральная компания ЗМ

Institute of Theatre

The Institute of Theatre is the Golden Mask’s educational project. The project came into being through the realization that the existing institutional framework does not meet the needs of theatre and theatre studies. The new stage practices expand into new spaces and transform our understanding of theatre and its production. Using unconventional spaces and exquisite forms, they raise unexpected questions and actively interfere into the social and political spheres. These new theatre practices find it hard to fit into traditional theatre institutions. They receive little attention in contemporary theatre studies, which is still mostly focused on an analysis of traditional theatre with a single type of product.

The Institute of Theatre provides possibilities for young theatre professionals to research contemporary theatre as a complex and developing phenomenon closely related to culture and society, and producing new forms of interaction. An important principle of the Institute of Theatre is an interdisciplinary approach, cutting across and combining various areas and genres of theatre. The Institute of Theatre places a special emphasis upon the social responsibility of theatre.

The Institute of Theatre promotes collaboration with Russian regions by organizing targeted educational and artistic programmes.

The Institute of Theatre organizes workshops and master-classes, which provide opportunities for professionals of different artistic areas and from a range of cultural and social spheres to meet under the guidance of curators and collaborate. The workshops are aimed at the study of the boundaries and possibilities of theatre, always combining theory and practice. The results of the workshops are presented to an audience of theatre professionals and the broader public, and will become notable events of the theatre season.

The Institute of Theatre creates a platform that liberates the imagination, that allows for social and artistic utopias; it is a space of research and freedom, struggle and love, individualism and collectivism, education and fun. The Institute of Theatre ensures the future of the theatre.

The Institute of Theatre is a collaboration with the Meyerhold Centre.

In the five years since its inception the Institute of Theatre has organized twelve workshops for contemporary dance and performances, for visual theatre, contemporary vocals, new theatre music, theatre criticism, theatre pedagogy and scenography. The workshops have been curated by leading experts in their fields, and were attended by several hundreds of students and young professionals.

The organizers of the Institute of Theatre intend to develop and expand its activities and include not only workshops in their agenda. The Institute of Theatre should eventually become a socially responsible centre for theatre practice and studies, with a focus on solid theoretical research, scientific, research and publishing activities. The Institute of Theatre may become an important instrument of integrating Russian theatre in the global context.