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DA! DA! DA! (YES! YES! YES!) Modern Theatre, Russian Drama and Performance Festival in Poland

The DA! DA! DA! Festival of Russian Theatre in Poland took place 16 May - 2 June, 2013 and was the first cultural initiative in years that presented contemporary Russian theatre in Poland on a large scale. The Festival programme aimed to introduce the Polish audience to the most significant events in Russian theatre, new trends in playwriting and acting.

An important aim of DA! DA! DA! was to create a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas between Polish and Russian theatre professionals. The Festival was a response to the successful project Polish Theatre in Moscow held in Moscow in 2011 within the framework of the Golden Mask Festival.

The DA! DA! DA! Festival was a collaboration of the Golden Mask Festival and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and curated by Agniezska Lubomira Piotrowska and Roman Pawlowski with the idea to introduce Russian theatre as part of European theatre movement, that Russian theatre raises the same topical issues and deals with them using a contemporary artistic language.


The DA! DA! DA! programme included next productions:

  • AN IDEAL HUSBAND. COMEDY, dir. by Konstsntin Bogomolov (Moscow Art Theatre) live broadcasting from the Moscow Art Theatre
  • GORKI-10, dir. by Dmitry Krymov (School of Dramatic Art and Dmitri Krymov Laboratory, Moscow)
  • LIFE AND FATE, dir. by Lev Dodin (Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe, St. Petersburg)
  • LIGHT MY FIRE, dir. by Yury Muravitsky (Teatr.doc, Moscow)
  • THE CLOSED DOOR, dir. by Dmitry Volkostrelov (ON.Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • LEAR. A COMEDY, dir. by Konstantin Bogomolov (Priyut Komedianta Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • THE SOLDIER, dir. by Dmitry Volkostrelov (Teatr.doc, Moscow and Post Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • THE UZBEK, dir. by Talgat Batalov (Joseph Beuys Theatre and Sakharov Centre, Moscow)
  • I AM FREE, dir. by Dmitry Volkostrelov (Post Theatre, St. Petersburg)
  • SHOOT/GET TREASURE/REPEAT, dir. by Dmitry Volkostrelov and Semyon Alexandrovsky (Post Theatre, St. Petersburg)


The Festival also featured theatre premieres staged by Russian directors in Warsaw.    

The Festival educational events included the Stanislavsky Conference dedicated to Stanislavsky 150th anniversary.

Meetings with the Russian artistic teams, post-performance discussions, round tables, concerts and club projects were an integral part of the Festival.