Kinetic Dance, Moscow
Award nominations 2014

Современный танец / спектакль
работа балетмейстера-хореографа (Alexander Pepelyaev)

Director/choreographer - Alexander Pepelyaev

Cast: Tatiana Gordeyeva, Daria Buzovkina, Ilia Shaburov, Evgeny Pankratov

Duration 1 h 15 min

Age restriction – 12+

This production is a media-experiment directed by Sasha Pepelyaev, a key figure of Russian and European contemporary dance. It’s also the first independent producer’s work of the recently opened ZIL venue which is nominated for the Golden Mask award.

48 x 9 – those are the proportions of the screen used to show the movements of four performers shot online and processed in a special way. The video is another full-scale performer in this production, one of the realities inside ZIL construction set of a hall. The movement itself is no less if not more interesting. To be precise, it accurately imitates every-day gestures and disco fever in its Russian variant. Pepelyaev’s production breaks free from the limits of “pure dancing”. In some paradoxical way it provides an accurate description of a life ritual common for any person who tries to enjoy himself without losing heart on the vastitude of Russia.

Kristina Matvienko

“Square for Temporary Storage: 48 x 9” is a performance that leaves no chances for mistakes. Every step and every gesture of the performer are most thoroughly calibrated. Center stage accommodates a video camera. It is not an element of the set design but is used for the intended purpose. The video is computer-processed in the online mode and the screen instantly shows the video-kaleidoscope.

“What can a window reflect on an ordinary rainy Thursday evening? It depends on the wind direction outside the window, on the disposition of the one who is looking or on the melodic line that the daughter of the neighbors upstairs has been practicing for over a month. The reflection of the simple can turn out to be complex. For instance it can be dual or (like in the cabin of an elevator with two mirrors facing each other) endlessly repeating. The reflection is not always identical to the object being reflected. There are moments when the reflection is behind or ahead the object and these moments present special interest.

Alexander Pepelyayev