Dzhyrybyna the Warrioress

Olonkho Theatre, Yakutsk
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2018
Director: Martyona Kornilova
Age category 6+
Olonkho Theatre from Yakutia was created in 2008 especially for promoting the ancient Olonkho, the heroic epic tale about the Yakuts, their mythology and history. This implies a specific performance style between dramatic and musical, requiring from the actors (or singers) the mastery of a special technique. DZHYRYBYNA is the birth-to-marriage story of a girl-warrior with great powers. On her way she accomplishes a lot of feats in order to save the world’s harmony. The unique Olonkho performance style is passed on from generation to generation and, paradoxically for secular theatre, preserves the energy of ritual. The Yakut performance is also an example of the multicultural community on the map of contemporary Russia, giving us the right to affirm that the dialogue between different peoples and civilizations is still possible.

Kristina Matvienko

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