Don Quixote. Aftertaste

Dmitry Brusnikin`s school, Praktika Theatre and Youth Project of the Theatre Union “Start UP”, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2018
Directors: Evgeny Ibragimov
Age category 12+
An intimate journey initiated by the authors of this theatre animation piece based on Cervantes' novel, takes place on the miniscule venue of Boyar Chambers – an anfilade of ancient rooms with arched brick ceilings. So that the spectators don't lose orientation in the pitch-dark space of the Chambers, they are guided and instructed softly, taken to see all the fragments of the story. Separate elements and motives of the novel inspired the authors of “Don Quixote. Aftertaste”: their fantasy created humorous and touching scenes, directly and indirectly referring to the images of two famous travelers and idealists. At a microscopic distance from the audience, which turns for half an hour into a bunch of friendly children, scenes of Cervantes’ characters’ various adventures appear in a flash of light. The Spanish style in the music, the warmth of handmade style in the technology. Evgeny Ibragimov gave his touch to the production, being one of the best Russian puppeteers, working a lot abroad and well-known for his special hand-made approach to puppet theatre.

Kristina Matvienko