Ivan Vyrypaev

The solar line

Meyerhold Centre, Moscow
Presented in the frame of Russian Case 2018
Director: Viktor Ryzhakov
Set designer: Nikolai Simonov
Age category 18+
A perfectly staged, spectacular show by Viktor Ryzhakov based on Ivan Vyrypaev’s play written a few years ago, but having found its way onto the Russian stage only in 2017, is devoted to the vagaries of communication – sometimes easy, sometimes impossible. A married couple, named by analogy with the characters of an average TV series, argue to the point of exhaustion in the kitchen of their own house and go through a few stages of hardcore fighting with each other. Two actors cut and thrust lines of text at each other at a very high speed, turning to the audience with a parody of family drama at one moment and with utmost sincerity at another. This sparring on the mirror surface of the podium makes the spectator a participant: that’s how the mechanism of the play works, honestly and intelligently disclosed by the director.
In 2002 Viktor Ryzhakov presented “Oxygen” on the stage of Theatre.doc – a manifest by playwright Vyrypaev, which became at the same time a manifest for the whole generation. Later there were “Genesis No.2” and “July” at Praktika theatre, “Dreamworks” and “The Drunks” at Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre - through Vyrypaev’s texts, which require a special transparence of performance, a new style of theatre has come into being. “The Solar Line” continues these experiments and becomes a kind of grand total of the Russian new drama quest, which for a long while struggled desperately for a living and has finally made its way into the mainstream.

Kristina Matvienko

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