Liquid Theatre, Moscow

Участник программы «Russian Case» Фестиваля 2015 года

Idea and staging by Liquid Theatre

Director: Andrei Smirnov

Set designer: Elizaveta Dzutseva

The Liquid Theatre, formerly associated with the site-specific projects, over the last two years has actively participated in social support programmes. The first project of this kind was done at an alcohol and drug abuse treatment hospital, then it was a nursing home. “While You Are Here” presented in the Russian case in 2014, was the result of interaction with alcohol addicted people and addressed to all types of “the addicted”. The new production by the Liquid Theatre also combining movement theatre and documentary texts, moves away from the initial therapeutic problem and goes over to trying on the fear of aging – touching on it with one’s own back, hands and feet. The video interviews with senior people being in themselves an interesting example of documentary work, in the freestyle composition of the play are integrated with the research of body physicality under the weight of time – the dance we will all have to perform one day.

Elizaveta Spivakovskaya

Liquid Theater Tells of Old Age Through Dance
By John Freedman